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Aventisus work out

The Aventisus workout is a series of excercises design to condition and strengthen the muscles of the entire sketelal structure in an effort to promote and maintain correct body posture. Incorrect body posture can produce negative results such as over compensation.

We currently have a variety of supportive products currently under development. Trademarks and patents currently pending.

Aventisus work out app with a list of corrective excercises.

The official Aventisus sneaker design to assist in proper body alingnment.

The official Aventisus workout machine design to strengthen and reduce over compoensation of muscles.

Dare you to relocate?

Very rarely you would find someone who is willing to leave their comfort zone. Once put in such an undesirable perdicament we tend to see stress levels increase, a huge display of weakness as well as a feeling of loneliness. Here at Batal Productions we would like to create a realit series where contestants will be given the opportunity to leave their communities and stabilize themselves in a different state starting with Las Vegas for 30 days and will be goaled with the following task.

Secure suitable employment and stabilize themselves within a specified time.

Secure a sepcified amount of job interviews using their own talents as well as resources available within the community and our production magazine, The Blac & Bleu Book.

Contestants will have the option to stay and forfeit their flight back to their comfort zone upon sucessful comletion of the program.

Mathaddit educational programming

Use math in your every day activities to gain a different prospective of your surroundings.

Pick up merchandise via our official store.

Mathaddit. Used as an online homeschool resource.

Mathaddit on our official business network.

Addicted to the dough game