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Enjoy a quality night out as an attendee with Big Ceo Muk. Our entertainment roster is consistent with a variety of performances, which include a combination of well known and upcoming independent Artists, Live comedy, Exclusive interviews with participating Service Providers, music, food and much much more. Tickets will be on sale via The Big Ceo Muk official site in advance. Expect to pay a little extra at the door so as to accomdate last minute reservations. All subscribers of our Production Magazine will be granted free entry with a two drink non alcoholic beverage minimum, a meal plan or any combination from our food service concession booth.

Feature as a Service Provider

Join our Business Network. Feature as a Service Provider in the quartery issue of our production magazine, The Blac & Bleu Book and attend our special event as a featured guest. As a featured guest you will be allowed the priviledge to paricipate in a live open end interview with our host, which will be streamed and recorded on a variety of our social media platforms, giving you maximum exposure. You will be booked as any other live performer and be allowed the opportunity to earn a little extra through ticket sales. Become a Service Provider. A 199.99 onet-time set up fee is required plus a 19.99 monthly subscription fee charged annually

Attend our hiring event

Attend our hiring events and get face to face with prospective employers. Dress code will be business casual and strictly emforced. All Attendees will have to register via our business netwrok B.P.500. All verified Subscribers of our production magazine will be granted priviledged access to employers and all services associated with our job fair whcih include food services, extracurricular activies, interviews and much much more.

Giving back to the community

Zakir Zakat. Ten percent of all profits earned from all events and concession stands associated with the Big Ceo Muk show will be donated to those in need within the immediate local community. Our area of focus will include but not limited to rental assistance, utilities, food, clothing, transportation, gas vouchers, essentials and vocational rehabilition and education. If you would like to support our cause, feel free to donate at anytime.

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