About Shatter'd

Custom logo designed suitable for business card production and print, correspondence letter head, promotional brochures, product development as well as custom web design.

include your logo design concept as part of your product development project. we will present your logo design in a variety of colors and gradients suitable to attract a variety of clientele along with your target market.

Brand key colors

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Branded merchandise as a marketing strategy offer retailers the opportunity to express brand personality, engage with customers, reinforce brand slogans and present a clear understanding of their target market audience.

The first step toward using branded merchandise in marketing is the development and implementation of an effective strategy. Examples of effective startegies used in branded marketing would be the use of creative and fun styled branded merchadise, the use of items that carry a high perceived usable value and such as sportswear bags and totes and items that can easily be mass produced as a more cost effective method.