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Our official audio streaming service is our very own media platform designed to provide up to date information to consumers and allow our Service Providers to feature their content.

Our audio stream

As a creator Upload your sounds, music, podcasts to the world,Connect with our community and increase your audience

As a listener,Explore new music, discover new people and engage with artists. Create playlists and organize your music the way you like and Share your favorite music with your friends on social networks.

Become a Service Provider

The Blac & Bleu Book - is the official production magazine of Batal Productions and will be used as a promotional medium for all upcoming productions, clientele and current events. It will be a subscription-based magazine consisting of Subscribers and Service Providers.

The goal of our Production magazine is to create a businesss network of of smarter consumers, entrepuneurs and business developers through awareness. To get your business listed requires a 199.99 one time set up fee plus a 19.99 monthly subscription fee charged annually.


Subscribe to our Production magazine.

Become a Subscriber of our production magazine. The Blac & Bleu Book is the official production magazine of Batal Productions. It will be availble for free viewing online via our listing. As a Subscriber you will receive a monthly hardcopy version which will consist of 40 pages, as well as exclusive access to the Blac & Bleu Network.
As a paid Subscriber of our production magazine you will have direct access to the following features.

  • Live Video/Audio Calls: Live Video/Audio Chat with your friends in Real-time.
  • 1800 + emojis. Fully responsive on all desktop, laptop, smartphones and tablets.
  • Boost posts, pin and save posts. Send and receive private messages from other Users or Pages.
  • Featured Users: Get featured on website (comes with Subscription plans)


The Blac & Bleu Book