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If you would like to feature on the Big CEO Muk Show as a Service Provider feel free to contact us. To have BIG CEO Muk feature at your next Venue feel free to contact our booking agent through our radio station BatalP iiRadio.

The Big CEO Muk Show is a late night show where Subscribers, Service Providers Guests and Featured members interact in a business lounge styled environment filled with live comedy, exclusively music, food service, interviews, live professional comedy dance & entertainment.

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The Independent Talent is the ultimate Entrepeneur. They are tasked with hiring an accountant to ensure their finances are up to par, a lawyer to review contracts and handle other legal issues, an agent to ensure they have the ability to perform at different venues and last but not least their very own D.J. and production crew to ensure their media production is within their performing standards.

Our Production company offer full services which includes promotional products, merchandising, scripting, web & graphic design services, instumental lease and exclusives rights and commercial advertising development. Feel free to contact us for services offered and dont forget to subscribe to our Production magazine for all industry, new products and services updates.